The mission of SHS is to provide a fun and safe extra-curricular experience for the students.  We will allow students the chance to discover and enhance their talents and incorporate their skills whether it be performing onstage, backstage, or giving their creative input on portraying their given character.



  • Student and parents must sign the release form indicating an understanding of the policies outlined in this document and accepting them as governing participation

  • Students must be academically eligible in order to attend rehearsals. Ineligible students may have their part re-cast.

  • Missing any part of a school day requires the principal’s written permission to attend rehearsal.




    Rehearsals will take place on stage or in the band room, Monday through Friday at 3:30 p.m. until noted time.  Should snow days necessitate, there may be additional Saturday rehearsals.  

    Not every performer will be required to be at every rehearsal. Students should check their schedules!  Monthly schedules will be sent out with each student, posted on the website, and posted near room 124.

  • Students are expected to report directly to rehearsals on time and stay until dismissed.  Attendance will be taken at the beginning and end of rehearsal.  

    Students are to wait in the lobby until a director is present in the auditorium.

    No food or drink is permitted in the auditorium.

    If school is cancelled, there will be no practice unless called by a director.

  • Rehearsal rules

    NO gum chewing at rehearsals.

    Bottled water will be permitted on stage for vocalists.  Bottles must be removed at the end of each practice.

    School handbook rules for cell phones apply during rehearsals. Students will be permitted to call for rides near the end of rehearsal.

Lines are to be memorized by Friday, February 7.  No scripts will be allowed on stage after this time.



  • Attendance at all required rehearsals is very important to the success of the show.  Therefore, each performer is permitted up to three excused absences, with parent note.  More than three excused absences could lead to part being re-assigned.  

  • Absences will be excused for the following:  illness/injury from school, vacation, family emergency, extracurricular performances/games/matches and doctor’s appointments.  Students involved in other extra-curricular activities are expected to split practice times per SHS rules.

  • Students missing practice for any reason should provide a note to one of the directors before their absence, stating the reason and the date/time.  If you do not give us a note in advance, we will be calling home to find you!



  • All Dress rehearsals are MANDATORY for the entire cast and crew, for the week of March 4th through 7th.  Please remember this is a team effort.  The success of the show is dependent on every person’s participation.

  • Failure to attend any of the dress rehearsals could result in being removed from the performance.  

  • All performers are responsible for keeping track of their own costumes and accessories.  Collect all costumes and accessories at the end of each rehearsal.



  • The performance dates are:

Friday, March 13 at 7:00 pm

Saturday, March 14 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 pm

  • All students need to arrive at school on performance days 2 hours before curtain time.  This will allow them to dress and have their make-up done and prepare for the show.  Students will meet in the art room for make-up.

  • All performers are responsible for having all costumes, props, and accessories ready to go.  



  • Students must remain in the designated area during rehearsals.

    Students must do everything possible to keep areas clean and safe.  Before leaving a room, all students must make sure things are put back in place.

    We expect students to keep a good attitude towards themselves and others.  Students should look for ways to encourage their fellow cast members and give compliments when they can.  “Put downs”, “making fun”, or any other type of bullying will not be tolerated!

    Students must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times.  Use of profane language is not permitted.

    If a student is found in violation of any above rules, a parent will be called to take that student home.  A second violation could lead to dismissal from the show.



  • Tickets will be on pre-sale two weeks before the performances.  Contact Mrs. Sheeley (462-8308).  Adults - $7, Students - $5.

    Tickets will be reserved seating only.